What Happened to John Barker?

I’m curious…

When I mention #RosaryRoad, people keep asking if I’ve visited the Rosary Cemetery. Until now, the answer was no. Today I changed that.

Brief history… in an era where the Church of England dominated the death business, a Reverend Drummond created the cemetery to allow other denominations the ability to conduct their own service. I expected a compact, well-trimmed space. I found an overgrown wilderness, gravestones at odd angles, mausoleums hidden among the trees.

Most intriguing of all, I came across the grave of John Barker, steam circus proprietor, killed in the cattle market. I need to know how. Was he trampled by a raging bull, or the victim of one of his own contraptions?

There’s a story here, and I want to find out what. Watch this space.

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