Climate Change and the Rest

I recently researched events occurring in the early years of the nineteenth century. It was an era of harsh winters. The Thames froze over. Then in 1815 Mount Tambora erupted. The dust spread across the atmosphere. The global temperature dropped by a whole degree.

There you are. One big bang and all our troubles will be over. Don’t worry about the effect on harvests and the resulting global famines that will result. But it seems logical that if there is a God, he might consider activating a few volcanoes before things get worse.

There’s no doubt our government is apathetic. Actions they could take immediately, e.g. an insistence on solar panels and rainwater harvesters on all new builds, are ignored, possibly because of lobbying by construction companies. And we could do more. Buy local, buy seasonal. Don’t think you’re helping the planet by eating avocados shipped from South America rather than lamb from otherwise unusable uplands. Walk more—you’ll help the NHS as well.

But in all the talk of climate emergency, there’s one aspect that rarely surfaces:


Trees are being cut and land covered in waste because of the increasing number of people. And yet religious leaders rant against birth control. The Pope, not the Devil, may now be the enemy of the world. Add to that a constant pressure for economic growth, and we’re stuffed.

Anyway, that’s all I’m saying on the subject for now.

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